Friday, February 17, 2012

What We Are Using - 2yo and 6mo

I now have a 2 year old and a 6 month old.  They are both about 20th percentile in weight (2yo about 25 lbs and 6mo 14.5 lbs).  So, here is what their stashes look like:

3 Flip covers (2 snap and 1 aplix)
2 Econobum covers (snap)
3 WonderWraps (aplix)
1 Happy Heiny pocket (aplix)
1 Kawaii pocket (snap)
1 Blueberry Deluxe pocket (snap)
12 Econobum prefolds
3 Flip organic inserts
2 Thirsties Hemp inserts (size 2)
Flats and Preemie prefolds (shared with his sister)

4 Thirsties Duo size 1 wraps (1 snap and 3 aplix)
2 Econobum covers (snap)
1 GroVia shell (snap)
3 Fuzzibunz OS pockets (snap - Elite version mostly)
1 Rumparooz pocket (snap)
2 TotBot EasyFits (aplix)
2 Thirsties Hemp inserts (size 1)
1 BabyKicks OS hemp insert
1 JoeyBunz premium hemp insert (cut in two)
3 FuzziBunz organic inserts
Flats and Preemie Prefolds (shared)

We have 24 flats and 6 preemie prefolds (Bummis) that they share.  The 2yo uses the flats at night (2-3), and the 6mo uses them in the covers exclusively.  We use the Thirsties inserts in the FuzziBunz pockets, with a preemie prefold as a doubler for each.  So, the 6mo gets 2 of hers with the hemp and 1 gets two of the FB organic inserts.  The 2yo's other pockets are stuffed with the Econobum prefolds.

We rarely have leaks with these combinations, and I like that it is almost all natural fibers (except the TotBots which I love).  I rarely use liners too, as they don't mind the wetness against the skin.  Hopefully the 2yo will potty train before the 6mo outgrows the Thirsties wraps.  If not, I will have to add some of our "emergency pockets" back into the rotation probably (we have 7 I think stored away).