Friday, April 20, 2012

Snaps are our friend!

I am not really liking most aplix (velcro) diapers these days.  The only exception to that is our two TotBots and three WonderWraps.  Our HappyHeiny is okay as is our Flips (but only okay on the Flips), but I just don't use them very often.  Instead, we are almost all snaps these days.  About 2 months ago, I had my Thirsties Duo wraps replaced because of bad aplix.  I still have one snap left on each side of our snap version, so I know they aren't too small for my youngest.  But, they weren't staying closed.  I first noticed the problem around Christmas when her diaper opened up in the middle of the night.  From then on, I haven't used them at night because of that.  Now the new ones are having the same problem.  I can use them with pants that will "hold" the aplix in place, but otherwise I don't even risk it.

Now, for a NB, I would still want the aplix.  They are great when you need a good fit those first few weeks to months.  But, once your baby is mobile, you will want snaps.  Well, unless you can afford the TotBots or can get  your hands on some WonderWraps (which aren't made anymore).  The problem with these two is that the aplix isn't soft, so it isn't great for small babies.  And the WonderWraps are still too big for my youngest (at 8mo), so they would only be good for larger babies/toddlers.

If I had to buy a stash for a baby over 15lbs, here is probably what I would get:
2 Flip covers (snap) with organic inserts (~$40)
4 Econobum covers with 12 prefolds (~$48)
1 dozen flats  for night time diapers or in the Econobum/Flip covers until the "bulkier" inserts are needed (~$24)
2 Kawaii snap pockets (but wouldn't use the inserts) (~$22)
2 FuzziBunz Elites (if the baby is petite) or 2 "nice" snap pockets like BumGenius 4.0 or Blueberry (if the baby isn't so petite) (~$40)
1-2 TotBot Easy Fit as a splurge item (since they aren't cheap) ($24-$48)
Hemp doublers and/or Thirsties hemp inserts as needed (probably less than $20)

That is under $250.  You could add 2 wet bags, detergent, and some CJ's samples (for diaper rash) for about $300.

For a younger baby that isn't a newborn (i.e. from about 1mo until 15-18lbs), I would get:
3 Thirsties Duo wraps (size 1 snap)
4 OS covers/shells (I haven't found a brand I LOVE for this size, so I would personally get a variety that I liked the looks of)
3 FuzziBunz Elites
2 TotBots EasyFits
1 dozen flats
4 Thirsites duo hemp (size 1) insert packs

That is under $275, and it would fit until at least 25lbs.  All I would HAVE to add to this for my 2yo son is either more hemp inserts or some Econobum prefolds.  I would maybe add a couple of Econobum covers to replace the Thirsties when those are outgrown, but other than that, it would grow with the baby to toddler-hood (and trainers).  Also, there are some newer two-sized covers out there that might be nicer than the Thirsties.  But, they are more expensive by at least $4.  Also, you might find a OS cover that fits at 1mo, and buy those instead of the Thirsties.  My kids are petite, so I don't get a good fit with most OS things until much later.