Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving into One-Sized Diapers

My newborn is now a little over 2 months old.  And she is wearing a mix of the Thirsties Duo wraps (with flats or 2+ preemie prefolds) and one-sized diapers.  The first one-sized diaper we used was a Rumparooz.  I stuff it with 1 Thirsties Duo Hemp size 1 insert, and it fits well.  Since ours is snaps, it is sometimes hard to get a great stomach seal, but she never leaks.  Then, we put a TotBots Easy Fit on her.  I LOVE this on her, and we now have 2 of them to use.  They are my go-to diaper when I have to change her outside the house.  She also has 2 FuzziBunz OS in her stash.  One is basically the new Elite diaper, and I love how the buttons are on the inside.  These are stuffed with the Thirsties hemp or with the preemie prefolds/doublers too.  Getting the 6 snaps on her isn't always easy, but it does fit GREAT on her.

At 2 months old, she was only 9.75 lbs and 24 inches long, so I am happy that these three brands fit her so well.  We have a few other OS diapers in our stash, but I am not ready to move them to her just yet (as her brother is still in them).  I MIGHT try the BabyKicks on her next though!