Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pocket Diapers

I now have four pocket diapers. The first one I got was a FuzziBunz with my order of Econobum and swim diapers from Kelly's Closet. Then, I decided to order a hook-and-loop pocket in hopes of getting my husband to put it on our daughter the one night a week he watches her (while I take our son with me to church). I decided to go with BumGenius 4.0 based on price and reviews. I then also added a TweetleBug snapped pocket to my order to get to $50 for free shipping. Since I spent over $25, I used the coupon for a free one-sized diaper as well, and I got a Kawaii hook-and-loop. I am using the pockets for bed time, and they are working well. I had to add a Thirsties Hemp insert in my son's because he has become a heavy wetter at night, but my daughter just needs the standard double-stuffed pocket.

I don't see to many important differences in the four pockets. They each have their own unique aspects, but they all work about the same for us. They are all about the same size completely open, and that is what is most important in my book. Here are the smaller differences:
  • FuzziBunz uses adjustable elastic to change the rise/fit, and the other three use the snap-down system that most one-sized diapers use.
  • TweddleBug is actually a sleeve diaper - with an opening in the front and back of the pocket. This means you don't have to unstuff before washing (which is nice). The others are all standard pockets with just an opening the back.
  • As for the back opening, the FuzziBunz and TweedleBug are just a simple opening. The Kawaii has elastic on the liner as well as the cover, and the BumGenius has a flap to hold the inserts in.
  • The Kawaii laundry tabs (for the hook-and-loop) aren't placed as well as the BumGenius. One is way too close to fully function. This is the one thing I don't like about this diaper.
  • TweedleBug has two snaps, and the FuzziBunz has three for waist closure. The BumGenius snap option also has only two snaps. The third snap does give me a better leg fit on my skinnier son, but it is a little harder to get it on him (since he wants to go, go, go).
  • The TweedleBug inserts and BumGenius inserts are almost identical, with a snap to change sizes and a thin newborn insert. The FuzziBunz has two inserts of different length but equal thickness, and the Kawaii has two inserts about the same length and thickness. The snap on the insert is necessary for the TweedleBug since it is a sleeve (I bet the insert woudl peek out otherwise), but other than that they are interchangeable.

I lvoe the pocket concept, and I would love to have more of them. But, they are more expensive than preoflds and covers. The Kawaii's run almost $10, the TweedleBugs almost $13, and the BumGenius and FuzziBunz almost $18. Since you have to launder the whole diaper after each wear, I would need about 25 in my stash if that is all I had. But, I was able to buy 24 prefolds and 6 covers for about $125. That is about half the price! So, I might slowly add one or two pockets into my stash, but I don't think I would go completely with them at this point.

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