Friday, June 25, 2010

Second Purchase

My second purchase was Econobum diapers from Kelly's Closet. I chose to buy from there because she had a great coupon (one free diaper) and I had read her blog. I also ordered two swim diapers that I will talk about in a future post.

Econobum diapers are a prefold and cover system that is marketed as an economical choice. I got three covers and twelve prefolds for $50, which is cheaper than any other method I could find for expanding my stash. I tried the diapers on both kids, and I found they worked best for my daughter. Since the GroBaby already worked well on my son and these were a little baggy, it made sorting the diapers a lot easier.

I still have occasionally leaks with my daughter, but this prefold.cover package is better at absorbing all possible volumes before leaking. So, I can go a little longer before changes. I started using the middle rise setting on my duaghter with the prefold folded wider. It worked well, but then I think she grew a little bit. So, I folded the prefold the other way and now use the cover at the largest rise setting. I still have a lot of room in them, so I think this will be what we use until she is completely potty trained day and night.

As for the service from Kelly's Closet - it was good. I ordered on Friday, and they shipped on Monday evening. They had just completed some warehouse changes, so I think that is a good turnaround! I got them one week after I ordered them, which is what I would expect since I live in the southwest. I will most likely order any other diapers from Kelly's Closet in the future.

Now if only I could win one of the giveaways on her blog! Every Friday there is a great giveaway called Fluff Friday. You may notice the link on the right for it. She gives away a lot of great one sized diapers, and I so hope to win!

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