Sunday, September 12, 2010

It is not fair!

"It is not fair!  My sister gets our one and only BG 4.0 diaper and I am stuck with the Econobum.  I want color!"

This is a picture of my son in an Econobum.  He now fits in them at the smallest rise setting - 9 MO and about 16lbs.  He probably "fit" into them before, but since his sister was in diapers full time until a few weeks ago, he was stuck with our other option for prefolds and covers.  He would really like some color, and CottonBabies - the makers of BumGenius and Econobum (and Flips too which we haven't tried) is having a give away for some BG 4.0s.  We like the one we have, so of course we would love more!

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