Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Review - Mother-ease One-Sized Fitted Diapers

I bought four of these to use at trainers for my daughter since early on she had accidents regularly when we weren't in the house.  They worked great - holding in a complete accident on more than one occasion.  Since then, we haven't used them too much.  She no longer has accidents outside of the bathroom except at night.  I have tried using them as night-time diapers with one of our Econobum covers, but they are very hard to "stuff" inside the cover because the leg openings are lower than the cover.  But, she is getting close to the point where we will use them for night-time, as many morning she wakes up dry.

I have tried them on my son, and they aren't the best.  They way you chane is to fold down the front.  Since he is VERY mobile, that folding eventually just "shakes" loose.  But, they have worked in a pinch while the covers dried or to let him air out some.  Also, on the inside, there are only four snaps.  Each tab has two snaps, so there isn't much adjustment available.  When I tried to just snap one snap, I found they unfolded even faster.

For the price, these aren't terrible.  I don't think I will buy them again, but they are serving their purpose.  Since I only spent $50 on all four, I am not upset at my purchase.  But, they definitely aren't for every baby!

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