Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flats Challenge

Kim over at the is having a flats challenge next week.  Basically, for a week you only use flats and covers and you have to hand wash and air dry everything.  The goal is to show that cloth diapering can be done without a lot of money and without having a washer and dryer (which most low-income people don't have).  I am really considering giving it a try.

We already use a good number of flats.  I would just have to not use my hemp/pocket combination during the day, which I only do some of the time anyways.  The big thing I am worried about is the washing.  First, my husband isn't too kean on the cloth diapers anyways.  So, the thought of me washing them by hand might not be cool with him.  But, I already have bleach in a spray bottle (with water)That I use to sanitize the sink in the bathorom when I have to rinse out a particularly dirty diaper, so I don't think it would be any different.  It is the time that worries me.  Luckily flats and covers are fairly easy to wash because flats are only 1 layer of material and covers are normally just a plasticy layer.  And I already dry my diapers outside 99% of the time. so that isn't an issue.  So, I guess it won't hurt to try it!

I will be deviating from the 5 covers rule a tiny bit though.  I am going to use 4 covers (2 GroBaby and 2 Econobum probably) and a pocket.  The pocket is for three occasions - when I leave my son with a friend as a backup diaper (he will only be there without me for under an hour, so he most likely won't need changed), when I leave my son with my husband Wednesday night (I change him before I go into his night time combination, but occasionally he dirties his diaper and needs a change before going to sleep), and his 18 month doctor's appointment.  I will stuff the pocket with a flat, so I don't think it is really breaking the rule.  The pocket can be a little harder to wash, but since I probably will only use it those 3 times, it should be a problem.

I will post on how the week goes and if I succeed or fail...

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