Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preparing for a Newborn

I knew that a third child was on the way, so I had been keeping my eyes and ears out for good options for newborns since I really got into cloth diapering.  When we found out we were pregnant at the beginning of the year, my search intensified.  Since I have no issues with prefolds (and now flats) with covers, I knew we would probably go that direction.  It is just cheaper than AIOs and pockets!

I started to be drawn to the Thirsties Duo system.  The idea of having something that will probably fit for almost a year with the size of my children really sounded like a great plan.  The only downside of the covers is there is no umbilical cut out or snap down, so you have to be careful using them before the stump falls off and heals.  But, I am planning on using the covers as a primary diapering system.

The next question was what to put in them.  I ordered one cover and flats when I had to order more detergent (to get me to the free diaper and shipping amount).  I have folded the flat to fit into the cover, and I agree with things I read finally that it can be a little bulky.  I don't think it will be TOO bulky for around the house, but I don't know if all of the cute outfits we have/will get will work great with that combination.  So, now I am taking the suggestion of others and getting another brand.

I plan on buying one or two Bummis Super Brite covers (these do have the umbilical cut out) and one package (of 6) preemie prefolds.  These should give me a trim look when I want it without spending a lot of money.  I don't love the patterns of the Bummis only because we don't know the gender of this baby (we have waited until birth with our other two children too).  I think there are only two without pink in them OR that are all blue...  So, I will probably only buy one of them.

Now, if I wasn't cloth diapering on a budget (it is the only reason my husband is okay with it), I would love to get some GroVia AIOs and FuzziBunz size XS in hook and loop.  There are some cute GroVia prints, but like the Bummis they tend to be fairly gender specific unfortunately.  The FuzziBunz (like all FuzziBunz) are just solid colors, so I would have a few more options there.  But, again the budget is keeping me from buying them anyways.

As a splurge after the ababy is born, I might buy a new GroVia snap shell though.  Those and our FuzziBunz (which I have 4 of now thanks to being a product tester a few times) should fit earlier than other One-Sized options out there.  And, if this one is a boy, I don't think I can resist the GroVia planes shell (that I have been eyeing since it came out since the uncles all love planes).  But, if it is a girl, I don't know what my splurge item will be...  Suggestions?

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