Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where we are now

Over the past few months I have only made one cloth diaper purchase, but our diapering sure has changed!  First, I realized my son doesn't need hemp at night.  This happened when I realized I needed to strip my hemp inserts because they were starting to stink.  So, I decided to put hemp in his pockets instead of the standard microfiber (since daytime diapers aren't as prone to stink anyways).  This makes for a trimmer diaper, which I like.  Then, I bought flat diapers.  I bought these for the baby on the way mainly, but I knew I would use them on my son until then.  I loved how trim they were, so I replaced most of my prefolds with flats.  I still used the Econobum prefolds at night for a while because a single flat isn't as absorbent as the prefold by a long shot!  But, thent he Econobum prefolds started to stink.  I bleach stripped them, which worked, but I also learned that with so many layers sown together that I was going to see the stink back soon.  So, I decided I wanted to use flats at night.  But, I knew it would take 2-3 flats to match the absorbency of one prefold!  I only had 12, and I didn't want to give up flats during the day.  So, I bought 4 flour sack towels from Target.  Two towels wasn't quite enough.  So, I tried one flat and one towel.  This seems to work pretty good.  If I am not on top of it in the morning, we can have a slight leak, but it isn't a mess at all.  His fleece pajamas keep the moisture inside, so the only way I know is when I take them off for his bath. 

So here is our currently used stash:
3 GroBaby Shells - used with flats during the day, but since they are hook and loop, he must be wearing pants!
3 Econobum Covers - used during the day with flats and any (or no) pants/bottoms because they are snap.  Also used at night with a flat and flour sack towel.
12 flats
4 FuzziBunz pockets - used with Thirsties Duo hemp inserts or FB microfiber inserts during the day
3 Kawaii pockets - used with Thirsties Duo hemp inserts or the single JoeyBunz insert during the day
1 BG 4.0 pocket - used with the flat/flour sack towel combination at night.
1 TweedleBug pocket - used with a flat or Gerber DSQ prefold during the day.
4 MotherEase Fitteds - used with a prefold or flat inside for more air circulation.  Only used at home since it isn't a waterproof combination (but great for hwen he is a little red or I am doing laundry).
3 Econobum and 3 Gerber DSQ prefolds - back-ups, etc in covers, pockets, and the fitteds.
4 flour sack towels

I could easily go with just the flats and pockets with hemp, but I still used the prefolds and fitteds some.  It is nice to give my hook and loop diapers a break occasionally, and using the fitteds is one way to do that!

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